About Us

Cornerstone HR & Managements helps organizations and companies be 'Great Places to Work' through guiding towards best-in-class HR processes, leadership development, and helping to create a positive organizational culture.  A Great Place to Work maximizes employees' work results.

About Cornerstone HR & Management

Being a successful company in any industry, for profit or non-profit, includes having effective human resource(HR) business processes in place throughout the entire organization. At Cornerstone, we have been assisting companies to do this for over 10 years. We also are successful at coaching the current team how to effectively maintain them.

These would include best practice from hiring processes through an employee termination, and everything in between. An important part of this process is identification and development of leaders within an organization. We believe that much of a organizations success will be a result of the effectiveness of the leaders at all levels, so developing these leaders is a key component.

As part of our support, we also can also assist in reviewing insurance strategies from employee insurance benefits (Health, Life, and Disability) through strategies for buy-sell agreements, Supplemental Executive Retirement plans, and more. We have established broker partner relationships to assist with any implementation that may arise out of such reviews, or we can partner with your current broker partner.

Through our support model, we have many long-standing client relationships that we are helping to become 'Best Places to Work' in the marketplace, and would enjoy the opportunity to do the same with your organization.