Maximizing organizational success begins with your people.

Are you frustrated by human resources issues such as turnover, low engagement, and hiring great people? Are you stymied by the perplexities of compliance? Are you exhausted trying to develop people strategies that will result in overall organizational health and growth?

Since 2007, Cornerstone has been helping organizations strategically maximize their investment in their most important asset: their people.

A healthy organization is one where vision and expectations are clear; where employees feel valued, safe, and comfortable; and where they can contribute at a high level and are afforded opportunities for growth. Cornerstone empowers organizations to maximize employee potential and navigate complex HR issues by diving deep into underlying concerns, developing trusted relationships with each client, and coaching leaders and their teams into successful relationships.

We have an expert understanding of the unique HR challenges faced by businesses and organizations in Pennsylvania. However, our expertise and commitment to exceptional service extend far beyond state lines, no matter where your organization is based.

Just another company who will jump in, put out a fire, send you a bill, and disappear. We aren’t a payroll service or benefits provider—there are already great companies out there providing those services.

A partner providing objective people solutions and recommendations based on your mission, vision, and values.

Our mission:

We support organizations by providing tools, insights, and expertise to solve complex people issues in the workplace.

Our values:

  • We are trustworthy.
  • We deliver on our commitments.
  • We are listeners so that we can deliver customized solutions that work.
  • We respect every individual in an organization.
Cornerstone HR & Management Consulting