Our Tools

Cornerstone has five key tools. Under each of these tools is a myriad of resources that can be tailored to your unique needs.

Cornerstone will help executives and top management identify key issues and design and implement solutions. Then we stay in the picture to provide ongoing support as the company moves forward.

Making cultural shifts are challenging no matter your role in the organization. Cornerstone will provide leadership and staff training on key human resources issues, roles and responsibilities, and other key topics.

Understanding the personalities in your workplace is foundational to making positive change. Cornerstone uses a subscription-based behavioral assessment tool that not only provides leadership with the data they seek, but also gives both leaders and team members the insights they need to understand their roles and passions. Try it for free by sending a request.

One size doesn’t fit all and Cornerstone is committed to providing tailored solutions for each client. However, there are core systems and processes that can benefit all clients. Cornerstone uses our templates for your success.

Cornerstone is committed to long-lasting, sustainable change and growth for its clients. Under our Retainer Model, we identify the areas of HR support a client needs and spread both the work and the cost over an extended contract period, usually a one-year term.

Know Yourself.
Know Your People.

Understanding behavior improves job fit, performance, and engagement. Take a free Behavioral Assessment to see how you can strengthen your team and organization.