Case in Point

Take a look at these stories about how Cornerstone has helped various organizations to discover, develop, and retain human talent that results in individual and organization-wide success.

Providing Long-Term HR Support

Thirteen years ago, Cornerstone began working with an organization in the strategic communications sector. Initially, we reviewed their employee handbook, but quickly began assisting with other strategic HR processes. We guided this client as they established performance-related goals and strategies, and we coached managers on how to maximize their team’s performance given the team’s diversity and strengths. We have helped them successfully hire over 50 new team members, and we consult regularly with senior managers on HR-related matters. Cornerstone partnered with the client to establish an effective process for finding and hiring qualified college interns and putting in place efficient administrative procedures. This organization has grown to nearly 75 employees, and Cornerstone continues to assist with high-level HR matters and coach the in-house HR team.

Enhancing a Non-Profit's Culture

This non-profit client conducted an employee survey and discovered significant issues that were keeping their team from effectively achieving its vision and mission. Cornerstone met with employees to explore their concerns and help them take positive steps toward a developing a healthy culture. We supported the senior leadership team as they aligned themselves around behavior expectations based on the organization’s core values and employee feedback. Cornerstone restructured performance reviews and developed a communication plan to help establish cohesive behavior expectations throughout the entire organization. We also assisted in strategically realigning team members to better-suited roles based on their strengths and job duties. Cornerstone also updated the client’s hiring strategy and new hire onboarding process to ensure the organization is bringing in new associates who are a great fit with the organization’s culture.

Hiring at the Executive Level

When a non-profit client needed a new Executive Director, Cornerstone provided support and expertise to the Executive Committee as they identified and evaluated internal and external candidates.  This included:

  • Identifying key expectations and behavioral needs for the position
  • Assessing candidates by gathering behavioral data using the Predictive Index assessment tool
  • Conducting phone interviews with internal candidates
  • Providing the Executive Committee with a summary and recommendations of interview priorities

Cornerstone also facilitated the interview process and provided interview questions based on the assessment results. The organization successfully hired a new Executive Director who is a great fit for the position and who is excelling in leading day-to-day operations.

Developing Effective Talent Strategy

The long-time HR Manager at a company in the electronic components industry was retiring. Before hiring a replacement, the company enlisted Cornerstone’s assistance in ensuring the company was compliant and effective when it came to HR. The company asked Cornerstone to review their current HR strategy, practices, and procedures. We performed an HR review and as a result, helped them identify some key areas of strategic misalignment and HR processes that could be improved. We identified critical HR-related projects and are developing a 12-month improvement plan. Our support offering includes meeting regularly to coach the HR and senior management teams toward achieving their talent strategy.

Remaining Compliant with Employee Laws

An inter-state company in the explosives industry was quickly approaching the 50-employee threshold. The company asked Cornerstone to help them understand how to remain in compliance with state and federal employment-related laws as they grew, especially related to operating in multiple states and with the business structure they had in place. They also requested a review of their general HR policies and procedures to ensure they were doing things effectively. Cornerstone provided them with a thorough HR overview, educated them on relevant compliance issues, and continues to support the client as other strategic HR-related projects arise.

Optimizing Talent

Cornerstone engaged with a regional CPA firm to implement a talent optimization tool and process across their entire firm. Cornerstone trained key team members on the methodology of talent optimization and how to use the tool effectively. The training equipped the firm in key aspects of HR, including how to improve the predictability and reliability of their hiring processes, build stronger teams, identify and remove friction across leadership teams, and continually develop management. Cornerstone also facilitated information and training sessions across staff in all their offices. The results were well-received across the entire organization. The firm reports enhanced hiring processes and improved fit of new hires to their roles. The firm’s leaders report an increased understanding of themselves and their teams, which has led to improved team performance.