The Cornerstone Approach to Client Partnership

Since 2007, Cornerstone HR & Management Consulting has partnered with organizations who need external expertise to solve strategic Human Resources, culture, and engagement gaps. We support organizations by providing tools, insights, and expertise to solve complex people issues in the workplace.

Sounds like Cornerstone could be a great solution, right? But we’re more than just words on a screen. We are intentional and strategic with each of our partners. We are not a consultant who will jump in to put out a fire, then send you a bill and disappear. Each client relationship is guided by the core values of trust, customization, and flexibility.

Trust: Cornerstone endeavors to build trust with each client by operating with integrity, character, and responsiveness. That means that we are open and honest about our approach, our fees, and our understanding of your organization’s needs. From our very first interaction, we will be listening. We won’t jump to conclusions or fire off a pat response. We will answer your questions with insight and treat your organization with the care and attention it deserves.

Customization: Your organization is unique and any solution we propose to you is customized to solve your talent-related concerns that may be keeping you from achieving your business results. We will approach your business-related people problems using the tools, technology, trends-awareness, and experience that will best resolve your need. We also work with a strong eye toward compliance, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Flexibility: Cornerstone is committed to being agile with our response, our tools, and our time. From the beginning, we tailor or our response in support of your organization’s mission and core values. If one approach isn’t getting the job done, we regroup with you and adapt. We can work on-site if you need us there; we can also work remotely or virtually if that is your preference or what works best to resolve the issue at hand.

Cornerstone understands that for a partnership to work, both parties must be actively engaged. We are dedicated to respecting each individual within an organization and delivering customized solutions that work.