The best place to start is with an HR review. This will help you identify what HR-related processes exist and how effective they are. The review will also identify missing processes. We can establish a 12-month retainer engagement to work through some of the key gaps found during the HR review, as well as provide the coaching necessary to equip and guide the team member(s) responsible for HR. Access to experienced coaching and mentoring is critical to long-term success in the role.

There is no foolproof system when it comes to hiring! However, there are important aspects of the hiring process many companies do not do well or are missing completely. Cornerstone will help you review and identify key components that are missing or could be improved and/or train your team on how to improve them.

The cost of retention is significant: The Department of Labor estimates it costs 30% of the total compensation of an employee who leaves. Cornerstone will use our tools and our experience to help you discover some of the issues that may be causing the turnover and begin turning the issues around in a positive way across your organization. This will process will help increase the confidence level of the leadership team(s).

In some cases, what you see as apathy may be more of a reflection of what is going on around them. They could be in the wrong role, struggling with their manager or team members, or having an overall issue with their view of the company. Cornerstone’s tools and resources will help you identify the core issues and advance you and your employees toward a positive resolution.

Cornerstone can assist you with all aspects of the hiring process, including:

  • Defining the role
  • Identifying candidate behaviors that signal success
  • Posting jobs
  • Developing interview questions
  • Phone screening for top candidates
  • Checking references and backgrounds

Sometimes companies overlook the development of an effective onboarding process that will help your new hire start strong. Cornerstone can assist you in ensuring the right onboarding components are in place.

Absolutely. Cornerstone can evaluate the results and conduct follow-up employee meetings to diagnose key issues causing the disappointing results. We can then work with senior leaders to align and make the changes necessary to move forward. It is important to communicate the identified issues and proposed changes with employees. The organization’s core values will play a critical role in the entire process.

We have subscription-based assessments and tools that can help identify the changes and team members necessary to move your organization in its desired direction. These tools also help align and remove friction between senior leaders when working to achieve the business strategy. Cornerstone can also ensure the appropriate development plans are in place to achieve business goals and develop a talent management review process for future success.

Cornerstone can help identify the motivations, needs, and styles that drive the behavior of your individual team members. Our online subscription-based tools quickly and effectively allow team members to increase self-awareness, identify what drives others, and understand the impact they may be having on getting things done effectively. We believe understanding these important aspects of behavior and styles are key to moving your business and organization in its desired direction. These tools also support the hiring process and can remove friction and raise confidence between senior leaders related to achieving business strategy. Using this data about people, we can provide training and coaching to improve workplace relationships.

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