Overcoming Hiring Challenges: The Role of Behavioral Assessment Tools in Finding the Right Talent for Your Organization

  • You thought you hired a great candidate, but it’s not quite working out as you had hoped.
  • You are watching great team members walk out the door in frustration.
  • Your team’s momentum is flagging and you are at a loss.

All of us struggled with one or more of these scenarios, and quite honestly, it’s discouraging. You’ve likely thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way.” And you’re right. There is.

The right behavioral assessment tool, when used appropriately and carefully, can help you gain traction in attracting and retaining the best team for your organization. Talent Optimization is a fancy term, but it comes down to the basics: attract and hire the right talent; develop your managers’ people skills; enhance communication within your team, thus improving performance; and build an organizational culture that people want to join.

Behavioral assessment tools can help you delve deeper into what candidates really bring to the table; identify personality differences that are keeping your team from moving forward; reveal existing strengths and challenges within your organization’s structure; and assess what is working and what isn’t within your organization’s culture.

Cornerstone HR & Management Consulting uses a subscription-based assessment tool that provides the insight, perspective, and hard data you need to make confident human resource decisions. We aren’t here to sell you a tool. We have used this tool and have seen it work. The PI is a program that provides data from assessments, insights, and tools for taking action. As one client says: “The PI Program provides real insights into how each employee is hard-wired. I can now hire better ensuring I’m hiring for the right behavioral requirements. Once hired, I know exactly what to do to provide the environment where each person can do their best work. I am no longer guessing.”

Most leaders would not make a major purchase without reviewing their financials. The same care should be taken when making people decisions. Behavioral assessments provide the comprehensive information you need to resolve your people challenges and opportunities.

At Cornerstone, we are committed to using only the tools that work best for each organization. A behavioral assessment tool may or may not be right for your organization, now or in the future, but our goal is to help clients understand what resources are available to enhance their team and ultimately their organization.

If you think a Talent Optimization program may be what you’re looking for or if you just want to learn more about the possibilities, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch.