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Leadership Development

Do you know what makes your teams tick? Can you identify and implement solutions for what isn’t working?

Have you ever said something along the lines of “I don’t have time to be an expert in HR?” If so, you’re not alone. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert, but every executive, manager, and team leader needs to understand what their people need and how to strategically provide those resources. Leaders must be aligned around cohesive key human resource strategies and goals.

Cornerstone will work directly with executives and top-level management to provide insight into who your people are, what your people need, and how you can ensure the strategies are in place to achieve your people goals. Often, this means learning about yourself and your human resources style. Whether you are managing a team of executives or a team of front-line staff, Cornerstone can help you identify the skills you already have along with skills you may need to add to your toolbox to become part of your organization’s human resources solution.

Snapshot: A client was struggling with broken trust between management and employees, frustration among employees, and developing a culture that would propel the organization into a secure and successful future. Based on a board member’s recommendation, Cornerstone was called in to dive deep—starting with management. The five top executives underwent intensive, mandatory workshops and coaching sessions that provided these leaders with insight into their personal leadership style and how well it was or wasn’t working with team members. Cornerstone provided resources and tools to help the organization rebuild trust within each department and across the organization. The result? True organizational growth in the six months between two employee surveys!

Cornerstone has the ability to come in with an objective view to help leadership and the management team function in a better, healthier way.

Know Yourself.
Know Your People.

Understanding behavior improves job fit, performance, and engagement. Take a free Behavioral Assessment to see how you can strengthen your team and organization.