people solutions

People Solutions

Engage employees and improve morale.

People are tricky. Compliance can be a nightmare. Objectivity can be fleeting. But take a breath—Cornerstone can help you maximize the value of every employee—from hire until retire. We can help you design people-focused solutions such as:

  • Strong, compliant job analysis and descriptions
  • Interview skills to help you identify the best candidate
  • Organizational human resource audits
  • Systematic employee feedback surveys
  • Objective evaluation of employee disengagement
  • Effective policies and procedures
  • Comprehensive employee handbooks

Our goal: Making your HR function as a well-oiled machine

Snapshot: A smaller non-profit organization with statewide reach needed guidance and assistance on developing a strong foundation of people solutions that would help them flourish. Cornerstone partners with this client to help them build strong relationships internally and establish tools to empower employees and help team members rise to their potential. Cornerstone provides strategic guidance in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring; ensures that performance reviews are compliant, helpful, and comprehensive; and worked directly with the organization’s board of directors to ensure internal human resources strategy is aligned with the organization’s mission.

The reality is: I didn’t know how much help I needed until I got it.

Know Yourself.
Know Your People.

Understanding behavior improves job fit, performance, and engagement. Take a free Behavioral Assessment to see how you can strengthen your team and organization.